Let your books speak for themselves

Booksmojo is a book trailer creation service specializing in helping authors get their name out there. We can create a book trailer or audio teaser of your book, which you will be able to use on websites like Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook to help promote your book. 

Get Video Trailers For Books

Book trailer with running time 30 seconds to 2 Minutes

Our book trailers are different from others because we create them custom-tailored for each author’s book: we help the author to highlight the storyline, characters and essential plot points (fiction) and/or the main benefits (non-fiction).

We have helped many authors boost their sales with our book trailers on Amazon and Kindle. Get started today.

Get Tik Tok Style Shorts for books

Tik Tok style short teasers with running time 15 to 45 seconds

Introducing the Tik Tok form of book trailers. Bookmojo shorts are a Tik Tok form of book trailers. This is where you take a bite about your book in a quick and concise manner from 15 seconds to 45 seconds to give people an idea of what your book is about.

You can use our shorts on youtube, instagram and tik tok.

Why BooksMojo?

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Script Writing

We will write the script for your book trailer for free. So you don’t have to worry about paying a “professional” scriptwriter

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Background Music

You can have a movie-like experience for your book trailers through epic BGM (Background Music).

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Voice overs

Thanks to our highly trained voice over artist and flexibility in terms of voice over, we can accommodate your needs.

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Premium Footages

We add premium images, clips, and loops to book trailers, better than self-recorded videos.

Success Stories From The Authors

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Kate Porter

Author - The Weapon They Use

“The teaser was professionally created and induced several new readers to order THE WEAPONS THEY USE. 

I’ve already ordered a new teaser for another book and will be sending for a 3rd one for my Urban Fantasy series as soon as the newest installment is available.”

William Nikkel

Author - Jack Ferrell Series

“Booksmojo Teasers really nailed it. They created a professional, well crafted book teaser that made DEADLY TIDE come alive.

I’ll definitely be using them again. For an impressive, affordable book teaser that will leave readers begging to read your work, you can’t go wrong.”

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Barry L. Becker

Author - The Ericksen Connection

“BooksMojo creative team delivered a fantastic book trailer for my ebook The Ericksen Connection.

Hopefully, the viewers of the book teaser enjoyed the video and will look forward to purchasing the ebook. Thank you very much for a wonderful trailer”

Kati Van Der Hoeven

Author - Living Underwater

“Excellent work! I was happily surprised with the video ad. It was much more than what I expected. The team of Booksmojo takes the time to make AMAZING videos.

You can see their dedication in the product. A huge thanks! for a wonderful trailer”

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Here is a sneak peak of our work

Watch these Book Trailers and Teasers to get an idea of our work.