4 R’s: Roped, Risked, Rescued, Romanced

4 R’s Complete Series

ROPED: Sarah Halliday has returned to Wyoming on a mission—to save the reputation of the man she left behind. Deep in her soul, she knows she has to set things right between them. She can't let the man she loves lose his birthright just because he didn’t love her back, and their marriage came with too many strings attached. She offers him a deal. She'll stay on a temporary basis until the gossip mill dies down, then she'll be on her way.
Rafe Halliday has cooked up the perfect scheme to get his runaway bride back where he wants her—in his arms and in his bed. Permanently. He messed things up the first time, and he won’t make the same mistake again. He isn't above telling a few white lies to achieve his objective, either. If only she’d cooperate.
Sarah and Rafe are about to set off on a rocky road, but is their love 24 carat or Fool's Gold?
Tropes: marriage pact, runaway bride, second chance, reunion romance, opposites attract

RESCUED: Samantha Logan is a runaway bride. Escaping a mistaken marriage, she flees to her family’s supposedly vacant cabin for some peace and to regroup, only to be wrestled to the floor upon arrival. Jake Ramsey is a PI on a stakeout. He’s shocked hiTropes: runaway bride, old enemies, ls employer’s daughter is the feisty intruder interrupting his job. Every time they meet, it's explosive. Literally. This instance appears no different. Together, they must battle her dangerous ex-fiancé, espionage, and each other to solve a crime. And somehow contain the passion between them.
Will Jake be able to save himself from her charms, and will Samantha capture Jake's love—Her Heart's Desire?
Tropes: love/hate, damsel in distress, protector, boss’s daughter

RISKED: Serena McClain’s father has been kidnapped by the mob, and she’s determined to rescue him. Except her only attempt fails when her PI is gunned down, and she barely escapes amidst a hail of bullets, thanks to FBI Agent Mark Riley. Forced to take her and her son into protective custody because of her meddling, Mark is not happy. He’s more than a glorified babysitter. Still, he can’t help being drawn to the feisty blonde and her cute kid. They’re evoking feelings in him he’d rather ignore. Even though agents promise to make finding her father a priority, Serena doesn’t quite trust them, especially Mark, yet the more time they spend together, the deeper their connection grows.
Will they find her father alive, and is real love worth the risk of Serena’s Web?
Tropes: forced proximity, single mom, damsel in distress, protector, men in uniform

ROMANCED: Candy Blake hasn't set foot in Morris Point since she roared past the graduation ceremony on the back of her Harley. Now, she’s begrudgingly returned to launch her catalog and help her former foster mother with rehab. Pestered into attending her ten-year high school reunion, she isn’t looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the snobs she left behind, especially the Morris family. Six months ago, when her business proposal hit Greg Morris’s desk, he knew he had to get Candy for himself. It was his opportunity to catch the one that got away, but if she had any inkling a Morris was at the helm of Pinnacle Publishing, he’d be left behind in a cloud of dust. He’s counting on one magical night to make her see him in a new light.
Will they both come to realize It Had To Be You?
Tropes: enemies to lovers, old enemies, love/hate, reformed bully, last to know, wrong side of the tracks