Adventures of the Miso Mice

Series: Universe Rule #1: everything always gets to choose (yes you too)! But how????? Via whimsical stories of 5 curious fantastical Miso Mice embarking on their exciting galactic quests, experiencing how to "choose'ndo", with the help of the magical PressThisButton, to create their own future selves in the series 🐭 “Adventures of the Miso Mice” …..a different take on the self-help, motivational, spiritual, metaphysical type of books, presenting these themes in a fun, playful, mischievous manner, with language and pictures that can be enjoyed and understood at many levels by all ages.

Adventures of the Miso Mice: In this debut novel, join the Miso Mice on their quest to find The Answer Book, given to them by a magical button found floating out of a treasure chest! Their travels take them on exciting galactic adventures with Kaame, the sea horse riding sprite, and the Zodiac Girls who help starfish go skyward, but beware, as they cross paths with the devious Lobsta Clamdestino!