I’m Not Okay With Gray – How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50

Society glamorizes youth and demonizes old age. But Coach Michael Taylor has lived through most of the ups and downs of life to know better.

He was a high school drop-out, got divorced, and suffered through foreclosure, depression, and homelessness. Today, he is a proud entrepreneur at the age of 60 with no formal degrees or training, an author of 11 books, a motivational speaker, and a radio and TV host!

How did he do it?

In his game-changing book, “I’m Not Okay With Gray, How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50, Coach Michael Taylor shows you that living a full life doesn’t stop at 50.

In fact, it may well just be the beginning!

How NOT to give into a “midlife crisis”
How to embrace who you are
How to embrace spirituality
How to embrace connection
How to embrace health and fitness
How to embrace financial abundance
How to embrace joy, passion, and purpose
How to embrace diversity
How to embrace technology
How to embrace being in service