For two weeks the Black Dust fell on the London suburb of Wellingham. Adam Blake was trapped in his first floor flat, hardly any food, no communication with the outside world, no internet, no mobile phone, no TV or radio. He was completely cut off.
Then the Black Dust stopped leaving the world covered in a black shroud. Bewildered, afraid the inhabitants of Buckingham Avenue were alone, no police, fire service, no government to tell them what was going on.
Then the storm came, a deluge lasting four days. When it was done the streets were clean of the cloying, choking Black Dust. But then the true horror began….
Sentient vines grew voraciously in any piece of open ground, bearing sharp, deadly thorns coated with a venom that killed at the slightest touch. The vines were protected by beastial ape-like creatures, fast, silent killers infesting every woodland, park and forest.
Adam Blake became the reluctant leader of a band of ragtag survivors struggling in a world of sudden death and continual danger. And the vines were closing in…..