My Murder Year

Seventeen-year-old Stas Nonu has nothing more to worry about than looking like an oversized pumpkin in the bridesmaid dress her mother picked out for her wedding to her long-time partner, Mama K. Her father’s newfound religious beliefs are annoying and starting to cramp her style, but nothing to be really concerned about. Besides, Zane, the new guy she met at that party is way more interesting.

When Stas finds her mother’s dead body in a pool of blood, and evidence points to her father as the murderer, she realizes how uncomplicated things were before.

Especially when two aunts she’s never met fly from her mother’s native Russia and start talking about her coming to live with them. Then her father’s brother shows up with his own reasons for why Stas should live with him.
Unable to face the tug of war between her relatives, or the devastating effect it’s having on her beloved Mama K, Stas turns to Zane for comfort. But their increasing closeness is not enough to allow Stas to escape the reality of her fractured family.

If Stas can’t figure out a way to prove Mama K is as much her mother as the woman who gave birth to her, she might find herself banished to Siberia. Or somewhere even worse.