PANDEMIC, Blue Neck Threat

America is broken. Violence in the streets, thugs walking around with assault rifles. Trump election rallies spread Covid-19. He claims his election was stolen. Then the January 6 uprising, and his supporters want his VP Mike Pence executed. Trump had appointed 234 federal court justices to do his bidding. Now a 13-year-old girl raped and pregnant can’t get an abortion. Facts.
The new president faces bigger problems.
A new blue neck virus arrives, as deadly as the Spanish Flu, a hundred times worse than Covid-19. Airborne, it means if you don’t wear a mask and keep your distance you die.
The Senate and Supreme Court work for the Party and not the country. The President’s army commander takes three selected senators to a room at gunpoint. They come back like lambs, and follow the government’s wishes. What were they threatened with? Complaints from Republicans are unanswered.
Protestors insist on their constitutional right to march and infect many. Army solution? Surround them, tell them to wait in their cars, where they die. Problem solved.
A daily death toll of 80,000 means hard work for body collection, using garbage trucks to pick them up like bins and toss them into blue trucks, off to mile long mass graves.
A husband comes home and kisses his wife. He tells her he’d been to a rally. Horrified she takes her kids away by car, and tells them to go and find friendly people. Two couples find them, and then the mother. She has a blue neck by now. They promise to take care of them. Suddenly thousands of kids are looking for help. The army sets up tent orphanages. Army privates are recruited to be minders for distraught kids. Some kids are adopted by other parents.
One four-year old girl steals the show. The most outrageous and adorable kid you will ever meet.