Rock Star Syndrome

Shae Kinnon always knew his role as the frontman of glam rock band Spicy Hyena came with rules, but he didn’t know it meant losing himself.
Shae is everything Robert Courtenay is not – unattainable, beguiling and mysterious with looks and a voice to die for. In Shae, Robert created the perfect rock star and fulfilled his lifelong dream of creating a successful rock act.
After four years, Shae is done with being Robert's puppet. He is lonely, homesick and tired of pretending to be someone he is not. When Shae falls in love, he sees his chance to break free, but a public romance threatens everything Robert has built over the years, and Robert is not ready to let go yet…
Rock Star Syndrome is a dazzling portrayal of life in a manufactured band by award-winning musical fiction author Pamela Harju.