The Miraculous, Spectaculous, Courtyard Pond

An unforgettable, hilariously funny, rip-rollicking tale of friendship, love and community devotion.

Gilford and Vernon are the best of goldfish friends. They live in a very big pond which they share with all the amazing creatures of this wonderful, marine environment. However, not all is peaceful in this spectacular world.

In a bumper spawning season, the Koi, commanded by Sir Kingston Koi, demand an expansion to their territories. The leader of the Frog Fellowship, Sir Filbert Frogmore, opposes this radical action, leading to the emergence of a rebellion. A battle seems inevitable when Queen Bea, Sir Filbert and Lord Koi negotiate the terms for their existence.

All the while, Gilford and Vernon are hounded by the school bully, Buster Brownfin who goes one step too far when Gilford's life lays in the balance. Would Gilford survive such needless and thoughtless provocation?

Meanwhile, up above the pond, the dragonflies and butterflies amaze as they fly effortlessly in the wind. Up in the treetops the ravens squawk and argue amongst themselves whilst the pretentious Wise Council of the Owls hoot and debate the sensitive issues surrounding the pond's future. By invitation, Ernie 'The Aussie' Eagle arrives to settle their differences before a great celebration ensues. Would life in this incredible world return to some resemblance of normality, or would the Koi reign? Welcome to the inspirational and wonderful world of the Miraculous, Spectaculous Courtyard Pond.