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Booksmojo really nailed it. They created a professional, well crafted book teaser that made DEADLY TIDE come alive.
William Nikkel
They have given back to me the inspiration that I had after completing my magical story, Cat Dubois Odyssey to Enchantment
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Robert Joseph

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Booksmojo Free Promo Service?

Our Free Promo Service is a unique offering from Booksmojo, designed to provide authors with a cost-free opportunity to promote their books. This service includes social media promotion across our platforms and a lifetime listing on our website, reaching over 414,000 readers.

Is this service really free? Are there any hidden costs?

Yes, it is absolutely free! We believe in supporting authors, and this service is provided at no cost. There are no hidden fees or charges involved.

What platforms will my book be promoted on?

Your book will be promoted on our Facebook page "Book of the Day," our Facebook group “Books To Read,” our Twitter account “Booksmojo,” and it will have a lifetime listing on our website in the book showcase section.

How many followers or members do these platforms have?

Our Facebook page has over 52,000 followers, and our Twitter account has more than 362,000 followers, totaling an audience of over 414,000 readers.

Will my book be featured immediately after submission?

We aim to feature books as soon as possible, but please allow some time for processing and scheduling. We'll do our best to get your book in the spotlight swiftly!

How do I submit my book for this promotion?

Simply visit the submission section on our sales page and fill in the required details about your book. Our team will handle the rest!

What information about my book do I need to provide?

We need basic details like the title of your book, a brief description, the cover image, and any specific messages or themes you want us to highlight.

How long will my book be listed on your website?

Your book will be listed on our website for a lifetime. This means continuous exposure as long as our website is operational.

Can I track the performance of my book’s promotion?

While we do not provide individual performance tracking, you can monitor the engagement on your book’s posts on our social media platforms.

Is this service available for authors from any genre?

Absolutely! We welcome books from all genres. Our diverse community of readers enjoys a wide range of literary works.

How often can I use this free promo service?

Currently, the service is available for one-time use per author to ensure a wide range of authors can benefit from this opportunity.

Who can I contact for more information or assistance?

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the contact information provided on our website.

Reach Over 414000 Readers, Absolutely FREE!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to amplify your book’s reach to a vast audience of passionate readers. Submit your book details TODAY and embark on a journey to reach over 414,000 readers.